Sinkyone's Pastimes

Sinkyone didn't like water very much, particularly when it was time for his B-A-T-H (Shhhh! We had to spell it to stop him running away and hiding!). He liked eating, sleeping, strolling, patrolling the garden and chasing cats, 'possums, raccoons and squirrels. His favorite pastime used to be his evening walk. If it was getting late he'd sit and howl "WoWo!" until somebody found his lead.

He'd chase a ball if it suited his mood.

He'd come to the telephone and say "Woof!!" if we asked him to "Speak".

He was fond of books, but only if they were of the right thickness to make a nice pillow.

Sinkyone liked most kinds of music, but he tended to hide if it was too loud.
His ears would swivel round to locate any shrill or sudden sounds.

Naomi bought him three CD's of Pet Music for Christmas. He'd listen attentively and then fall asleep!

Sinkyone had lots of friends, but his favorites were the Tribal Pinocchios, the mysterious bunch of young men who coaxed him back to civilization from his exile in the Sinkyone Wilderness. In his younger days he liked to sit on the patio with them. He grew quite fond of Heineken-soaked ice cubes. He was an expert on barbecuing, having observed every stage of the preparation and cooking of his favorite meaty dishes from a very close range.

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