Sinkyone's Favorite Books

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Sinkyone liked to rest his head on a book if there was one handy.
He always recommended the following ones for children:

Dr. Dog "Dr. Dog" by Babette Cole. Published by Dragonfly Books/Alfred A. Knopf. ISBN 0-679-88548-X.
Dr. Dog saves the day, with cures for head lice, pin worms and even a case of too much gas(!). The pictures are classics. It's very funny and encourages child hygiene.
Nellie "Nellie, the Lighthouse Dog" by Jane Scarpino, Illustrated by Robert Ensor. ISBN 0-932433-23-5.
A quick-witted wire-haired fox terrier saves the day at Maine's Marshall Point Lighthouse. Softcover, grades PS-4.

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