Where Did Penny Come From?

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When we picked Toby up from the Border Collie Rescue of California center we thought it would be nice for him to have a companion. A few months later we saw "Dot" on their site, so we contacted Bobby again and were soon on our way to the high Mojave Desert. We brought Dot home and renamed her Penny. Her full name was "Lady Penelope", but she also had "Dogzilla" as a nickname. Bobby described her as "lacking in manners" and she was always a bit careless with her feet. Although she learnt quickly, she never did get a bit any more dainty over time. She was quite obedient, but very, very inquisitive and boisterous.

Penny soon settled in very nicely with Toby. They were very vociferous guard dogs. They played together a lot and we used to take them for a nice long walk every evening. Like Toby, Penny was also an ardent squirrelologist and gourmet! When she was younger she would eat anything, including credit cards, so a lot of things had to be moved out of reach. She became a bit more picky later, but would still mooch for leftovers if we didn't keep them out of reach. She was also an avid hunter, generally seeking her intended quarry in the lemon tree. Luckily for them, she never learned to climb trees, but she could jump really high...

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